Engraved Key Rings as Personalised Gifts

Engraved key rings are suitable as custom corporate gifts or logo branded promotional merchandise. A personalized gift turns out to be a thoughtful gift. Such item allows your company to create a custom gift just for your clients. They provide one of the perfect ways to celebrate special occasions and share loving memories, such as company anniversaries, retirement parties and special product promotions. Being permanent, elegant impression in metal, engraved key rings can be keepsakes which often become heirlooms. Since each is uniquely laid out and exclusively personalized for the recipient, clients would take them more seriously than normal free giveaways.


Usually, free engraving of text or logos are included at no extra charge. What is more, if you are planning to cover key rings in your promotional tools, why not complement your engraved key rings with custom engraved business card cases or business card holders? There is an extensive selection of card cases like silver plated card holders. Otherwise, in order to be memorable and stylish, custom engraved silver plated photo frames should be considered. Ideal to record corporate events or achievements, these picture frames and photo frames can be engraved with any inscription.

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