Human Rights Advocates’ Tool For Promotion

If you’re working in the human rights group and looking for tools on how to spread your advocacies, we’ve got the best channel for you!

Our stop sign keyrings are one of the best tools you can use to share other people your campaigns. You may customise it by full-colour printing your organisation’s name or logo including a short tagline which would send a significant impact to anyone who’ll be able to read it.

The keyring is available in a wide range of solid and translucent colours. They are in an economical price and may be ordered in bulk so you can send your message to more people.

You may give these keyrings to your attendees whenever you organise events and seminars where you discuss the different issues in our society that need to be highlighted.

We are sure that many people would want to participate in your campaigns by hanging the custom printed keyrings in their bags as their support.

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